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We order chambering reamers and headspace gauges from JGS exclusively.

Wait time on a new reamer is 4 months.

Call Keith at (480)467-8090 to talk about reamer options.

We have BRUX barrels in stock.

Actions/Receivers must be pre-owned or previously transferred to the customer prior to bringing it or shipping it to us.

This simply means you have to transfer actions elsewhere, if purchasing it new, prior to sending/bringing it to us.

All reamers have free-bore lengths set for the heavy, high BC(long range) bullets to be near lands at magazine length. We have multiples of many reamers with different freebore lengths for different rifle set-ups, different magazines, and different bullets.

With the variety of bullets on the market, and the various factors effecting OAL to lands, we can't always throat your rifle exactly to your ammo.

Our reamers are throated correctly if you're shooting the heavier(high BC) bullets out of the popular(correct) magazine systems.

We use "match" diameter free-bores and minimum SAAMI spec reamers  that do NOT require any special case preparation, but are designed to be supremely accurate. To put this simply, the chambers are tight in all the right ways without causing any issues in the field or requiring special case preparation.

Accuracy guarantee of 1/10th Mil, or less than 1/2 MOA, from our rifles with super match ammunition.

List of in-stock reamers -

.223 Remington 
.223 Ackely Improved
.22-250 Remington

.22 GT

.22 Creedmoor

.224 Valkyrie
.243 Winchester
.243 Ackley Improved

.240 Weatherby

6 Dasher(short neck(the one everyone uses))

6 Creedmoor
6x47 Lapua 
6 BR Norma


.25 Creedmoor
6.5 Creedmoor
.260 Remington 

.260 Ackley
6.5x47 Lapua 
6.5x284 Winchester 
6.5x284 Norma 
6.5 Super LR
6.5x55 Swede CIP
6.5 SAUM 4s NO turn neck

6.5 PRC

.264 Win Mag

.270 Winchester
.270 WSM
.284 Winchester 
.280 Remington
.280 Ackley Improved
.28 Nosler
7mm-08 Remington
7mm-08 Ackley Improved
7mm Remington Mag

.308 Winchester Match
.300 Black Out
.300 WSM
.300 Win Mag Match

.300 PRC
.300 Remington Ultra Mag

.300 NORMA
.338 Federal
.338 NORMA
.338 Lapua Magnum 
.338 Lapua Magnum Ackley Improved
.338 Remington Ultra Mag
.338 EDGE

.375 Chey-Tac

.416 Rigby

.50 BMG Accuracy Match(for 750gr-800gr bullets, Specifically 750gr Amax)