Chamber/install barrel on most center-fire actions - $300 to $360
This includes indicating in the barrel coaxially to within .0002"(removing and timing run-out), cutting the barrel tenon, breach, chambering, headspacing, crowning, installation on to the action, and barrel labeling.

We time barrel run-out to 12:00, and remove run-out on the end we're machining, using the latest and greatest tools and techniques. 

Sub HALF MOA accuracy guarantee!
See our list of reamers HERE 

Chamber/Install Barrel on Pre-64 Winchester action - $400 (any rifle with an extractor cut in the breach)
This includes indicating in the barrel coaxially to within .0002"(removing and timing run-out), cutting the barrel tenon, breach, chambering, headspacing, crowning, extractor cut, installation on to the action, and barrel labeling.

Sub HALF MOA accuracy guarantee!

Timing Fluted Barrels and/or Muzzle Brakes - $20
There's a $20 charge for timing fluted barrels and brakes.

Thread muzzle and recut crown - $100 to $160
Includes indicating the bore coaxially to within .0002", threading your muzzle, cutting a new crown, and refinishing(Cerakote).

Proper thread gauges are used for quality control.

Thread protectors - $30 Generic / $60 Custom
Generic thread protectors are .920" in diameter, with knurling and beveled edges.. they will fit barrels between .820" and .920".
Custom thread protectors are blended seamlessly to your barrel and made from Stainless Steel bar stock.

Cut down and re-crown barrel on customers rifle - $60 to $100 
 Rifle is completely stripped down and the bore is indicated coaxially to within .0002" just like during any other barreling service we do.

Inlet fiberglass stock for aftermarket bottom metal - $60 to $120 
Customer must supply bottom metal at the time of inlet.  Must be a Mcmillan or Manners stock.

Pillar Bed fiberglass stock to customers action - $200 to $260
There could be a charge for cleaning up old bedding. Must be a quality stock.

Cerakote bolt action rifle - $120 to $260 (depending on parts and size of the job) 
PCR is proud to use H-Series Cerakote, an extensive preparation and air filtering process, and have 8 years Cerakote experience.
Call for pricing on Cerakoting of individual parts.

Tactical bolt knob install on Remington, FN/Winchester, Howa1500, and Savage - $60 to $100 (Return shipping included!) 
Includes any of our bolt knobs, threading and installation on to your bolt handle, Cerakote of the knob, and return shipping.
YouTube us to see our bolt knob models and options

Tactical bolt knob, drilled and tapped (Knob only, Includes Cerakote) - $30
Knobs are made from 6061 T6 aluminum, come Cerakoted, drilled, and tapped to any thread size needed, standard or metric.
For questions concerning bolt knob options, call Keith at (480)467-8090

Whole rifle fit/function fee - $40

​When a gunsmith is responsible for the fit/function of an entire rifle there is always extra fitting and function testing work.

There is a fee for the removal of locktited, epoxied, broken, or stripped screws
There will be a charge for the removal of broken screws, epoxied in/stuck screws, or customer stripped screws.

There could be a fee for working with spray painted or excessively dirty parts
Spray paint will be removed, and any oil/solvent or excessive fouling will be cleaned out before work begins.

50BMG Builds - Roughly 2x the cost of the "standard" rifle work, listed above^
We build Tactical and Bench-rest 50 caliber rifles guaranteed to shoot half MOA! We take great pride in our 50s and use the same methods to build them as all our other rifles/calibers. Barrels are indicated in coaxially and an XL PTG floating reamer holder used to run our reamers. Our shop 50BMG shoots 1/4MOA, and we have our own Match 50BMG reamer print we've designed for 750gr - 850gr bullets. All 50BMGs get test fired.

​BRUX, Bartlein, or Krieger Match Grade Stainless contoured barrel blanks - $370

​Fluting add $170

Mcmillan A5 adjustable stock - $750(roughly)

Timney 510 trigger, installed/adjusted - $170

Jewell trigger, installed/adjusted - $280

APA Micro Bastard brake - $130, Gen2 $180

APA Little Bastard brake - $150, Gen2 $200

APA Fat Bastard brake - $170, Gen2 $240

Badger Thruster brake - $90

Please do not send in scopes, scope rings, bipods, slings, extra magazines, or live ammo, unless previously discussed with us.

All PCR rifle builds will ship insured in a hard plastic rifle case. If the customer supplies the hard-case and packaging, shipping a whole rifle is $60.

If we supply the hard-case and packaging, shipping an entire rifle is $100.
Shipping a barreled action without a stock or trigger attached is $40.

All packages ship FedEx ground insured.
We do NOT ship to PO Boxes. Please provide your real/physical/living address. The ATF needs your real address anyways, and it is always kept private.

For questions regarding pricing and work please call Keith(480)467-8090

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD(3% service fee for cards)

Preferred payment method is check or money order made out to "Phoenix Custom Rifles" ​

​IF YOU ARE DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL, DO NOT COME HERE. We will NOT cut barrels down to SBR length.

Open receiver scope base holes to 8-40 aligned to raceway - $100
Receiver is indicated in to raceway center-line and scope base holes are opened up to 8-40.
Opening up the holes on your scope rail is $20. We suggest buying an 8-40 scope rail rather than opening up a 6-48 rail.

Install side bolt stop/release on customers Remington 700 receiver (Right hand only) - $160
Includes the bolt stop/release kit and Cerakote of the stop in any color.

Prices and Services

Call Us Today (480) 467-8090

True Remington 700 receiver and bolt - $200
Add $60 to ream bolt race-way to .705"

​Add $150 to TIG weld a PTG  threaded handle to your bolt, achieving 100% extraction cam.
The action is held in a double spider fixture and indicated in off the raceway coaxially to within .0002".  

Receiver face and lugs are single point trued, and the threads cleaned up but not cut over-sized(so you can still use 1.062" barrel threads).

The bolt gets indicated in and the rear and fronts of the lugs are single point trued.