Phoenix Custom Rifles shooting team from left to right, Keith Johns, Oscar Milanes, James Jeffries, and Ethan Nelson.

The Phoenix Custom Rifles shooting team competes in PRS and NRL events across the South West. This gives us the opportunity to test equipment, see for ourselves what works best, and get a first hand look at what the pro's use,  so that we can best serve you in your needs. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned competitor, just getting started, LE/Mil, or a serious hunter, our experience putting bullets on target out to a mile in every condition imaginable and from every position imaginable will help us help you! 

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Keith Johns

​Big thanks to all our sponsors. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

​Phoenix Custom Rifles(PCR) - ​Professional grade bolt action rifles with a 1/10th mil accuracy guarantee.

​Defiance Machine Actions - ​Best actions on the market for tactical field use.

BRUX Barrels - ​Top of the line, hand lapped, stainless steel cut-rifled, match grade rifle barrels

Mcmillan Stocks - ​These stocks have proven themselves for decades overseas, where lives are on the line.

Manners Stocks - ​Second to none, and possibly the most innovative company producing stocks.

​Nightforce Optics - ​Top quality, battle tested optics.

​Masterpiece Arms(MPA) - High quality  rifle components and aluminum rifle chassis systems.

​Short Action Precision(SAP) - Suppliers and manufacturers of some of the best shooting gear used by the pros.